MSA 220 C-BQ 14” Cordless Chainsaw

The MSA 220 C-BQ is the most powerful STIHL cordless chainsaw to date. Sitting above the MSA 200, this saw uses the brand-new AP 300 S to provide the highest cutting performance of a cordless saw and allows the machine to be used for professional work alongside other professional cordless tools in the STIHL Pro cordless range.

Aimed at landscapers, councils, farmers, forestry workers/loggers and private users that want a higher cutting performance for their saw. The main areas of application for this machine is wood care, small sized timber felling, limbing, clearing young trees, timber construction, firewood sawing and use alongside a chipper.

Run time with the AP 300 S battery is 45 minutes. Recommended set for MSA

MS 151 CE & MS 151 TCE Chainsaws

The MS 151 C E & MS 151 TC E are receiving an upgrade. The new version of the 2 MIX engine in the MS 151 series consists of a new cylinder, new piston and new exhaust. All these changes combined increase the power of the saw by 10% up to 1.05kW and a 15% increase in torque to 1.1Nm. Weight of the saw remains unchanged.

The arb (T) version is best suited to deadwood removal, crown reductions and crown lifts.

The back-handle version is well suited to chainsaw carvers (with a carving bar) or for people wanting a lighter weight saw for firewood and garden maintenance.

MS 194 T Chainsaw

Newly introduced for 2019 is the MS 194 TC. With a larger 31.8cc 2 MIX engine than the previous MS 193 TC E, this new arborist saw sits in the middle of the STIHL range and boasts 9% more power (1.4kW) and 7% more torque (1.5Nm) than the previous MS 193 TC E.

It is also now standard with 1/4 P rather than 3/8 P chain making it quicker in the cut.Aside from the larger engine, it has a new intake baffle, new cylinder with larger bore and a new piston.

There is also a diagnostic port for easy and simple diagnosis. The key reason behind the reintroduction of the saw was to offer a more comprehensive range of top handle chainsaws and with the increased power, offer a more desirable saw to the arb community. The saw is well suited to deadwood removal, reductions & crown lifts as well as take down of medium sized trees.

MS 201 C-M & MS 201 TC-M Chainsaws

The MS 201 CM & MS 201 TC M are receiving an upgrade. The new version of the 2 MIX engine in the MS 201 series consists of a new cylinder, new piston, new exhaust and an MTronic upgrade.

The chainsaw also has a new solenoid which is sealed by metal on metal, improving its durability in dusty conditions. It also features M Tronic 3.0 which is compatible with the new, robust solenoid.

Both versions of the MS 201 weigh 3.70 kg, making this a nimble yet powerful chainsaw to use. The 2 MIX engine still has a displacement of 35.2 cm3 and 1.8kW output, the same performance as the previous version, whilst fuel consumption in the MS 201 has improved considerably, meaning the machine now has lower emissions.

MS 400 C-M Chainsaws

STIHL MS 400 C-M CHAINSAW-worlds first chainsaw with magnesium piston. ideal for forestry professionals. The chainsaw has been designed with professionals in mind, offering STIHL’s highest performance in the 60cc class. More displacement, more power, more torque, only a small weight increase compared to the MS 362 C-M and an outstanding power to weight ratio.

The new 2-MIX engine provides 4kW of power, compared to 3.5kW in the MS 362 C-M, as well as more torque – 4.1 Nm vs 3.5 Nm. These increases come from larger displacement of 66.8cc, which is a 14% increase compared to the MS 362 C-M. The magnesium piston is also 14% lighter than the aluminium piston in the MS 362 C-M, helping ensure rapid acceleration.

Designed for forestry and arb professionals, the MS 400 C-M can be used for a range of applications, including felling, limbing and cutting timber down to size. The MS 400 C-M is available 16”, 18” and 20” versions, with the 20” being an ES light bar.


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